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Is there anything we can do to avoid the flu?

In many places, influenza activity peaks during the period in between December and February. What are some of the best practices to reduce the spread of the flu and to minimize the risk of catching it? The standard recommendations are: … Continue reading

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Are Small City Drivers Safer than Large City Drivers?

To answer this question, we focus on cities with population of 100,000 and up. In this group of cities, are the drivers in the smaller cities safer than the drivers in large metropolitan areas? A recent report from Allstate Insurance … Continue reading

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Design of experiments

When the goal in a statistical study is to understand cause and effect, experiments are the only way to obtain convincing evidence for causation. This is an introductory discussion on experimental design, introducing its vocabulary, its characteristics and its principles. … Continue reading

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San Francisco Annual Rainfall Data – A Regression Example

This is an introductory article on simple linear regression. For a good reference of statistics at the introductory level, see [1]. 1. The Data The following is a table containing the annual rainfall data (the number of rain days and … Continue reading

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What science learned from a group of elderly nuns

The Nun Study is a longitudinal study of aging and Alzheimer’s disease. It followed 678 sisters of the School Sisters of Notre Dame living in Mankato, Minnesota. The goal of the study is to identify the risk factors for Alzheimer’s … Continue reading

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